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To Catch a Critic: Sutton the Last Anon Critic Standing

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From upper left: The Bruni (NYT), Plattster (NYM) looking much much younger, The RG (NYDN), The Cuozz (NYP), Alan Richman (GQ), Jay Cheshes (TONY), Robert Sietsema (VV), and the now out of work Gael Greene (formerly NYM)

Wherever a critic stands on the matter of anonymity, here is a fact: the chefs and waitstaff of any restaurant worth its salt in this city are always on the lookout for them. Which is why we find it intriguing that almost every influential food reviewer in this city has their mug out on the internet. Everyone except Bloomberg critic, Ryan Sutton.

Bruni's on posters in every kitchen, Platt submits his own picture to magazines, and The RG, Richman, and Cheshes are as blatant as can be. At least Sietsema, the real critic of note at the Voice (no offense, DiGregorio) gives it a shot with the mask, above. Those on the lookout for Sutton, good luck. Dude doesn't stand out in a crowd (though researching does reveal he could defend himself in a fight).
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