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The Plywood Report: Kuma Inn, 4 Berry, Kyochon, Num Pang, Uncle Louie G

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1) Williamsburg: A tipster learns that a new multi-level bar is coming to the 'Burg called 4 Berry: "Another bar in williamsburg, but this one has a 3k SF roof deck! I was in a deal with these people earlier this year and my owner blew with them. They went on to lease out about 3500 SF from another broker @ 4 Berry. Its one of the managers from Zum Schneider in the East village and a guy named Jon Marchisio building the space." [PLYWOOD]

2) Clinton Hill/Bed Stuy: As mentioned last week and before, tapas den Kuma Inn will open a new Brooklyn location at 433 DeKalb. A tipster snags the above plywood shot. [PLYWOOD]

3) NoHo: A tipster confirms that Le Gamin on Houston Street has closed, but its owners already have plans for a new venture: "...we were told the owner will open a new Cuban place (Favela Cubano, or something along these lines) on LaGuardia Street, between Bleecker and 3rd." [PLYWOOD]

4) Central Village: The uber-delayed Num Pang from the Kampuchea folks seems to be getting closer to opening according to a tipster who also snags the above photo: "I work around the corner and am happy to report that Num Pang Sandwich Shop at 21 East 12th looks like they are getting their act together. The plywood is up and I was able to see an interesting mural that was done on one of the internal windows. Can't wait for those sandwiches!" [PLYWOOD]

5) Koreatown: Midtown Lunch spots some Kyochon chicken plywood in Koreatown: "Kyochon, the Korean fried chicken chain with U.S. branches in Flushing and L.A., is replacing the Brooklyn Bagel Cafe on 32nd and 5th in Koreatown. Called the “granddaddy of the Korean fried-chicken scene” Kyochon features fried chicken flavored with soy sauce, garlic, and ton of spices? oh, and there are spicy version available. " [PLYWOOD]

6) Red Hook: Gowanus Lounge reports that a new Uncle Louie G ice cream will open in Red Hook: "The Center of Light Building, the horrendous Henry Radusky building at the edge of the former Notary District at Smith and Ninth Street will be getting a new tenant. Another Uncle Louie G ice cream place. And not just any Uncle Louie G, but what looks like a sit down one." [PLYWOOD]

7) Greenwich Village: And finally, via a "little birdy," DBTH learns of a yet unnamed Mexican "speakeasy": "There's a new boutique bar opening soon on 6th ave and 8th street in the West Village. It's in construction...plans to open for events as of March 1, plans to open publicly May 1. Mexican themed cocktails and tapas with a brand new mixologist to hit the streets." Expect some playful, tequila inspired cocktails on the menu." [PLYWOOD]

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