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Celebrating 50 Years of Upper East Side Icon, Dorrian's

The Observer's man about town Spencer Morgan sits down with the equally legendary Jack Dorrian, the namesake and owner of the Upper East Side bar, for a colorful look back on 50 years of Dorrian's. Jack bought the place when Yorkville still was a bit of a rough neighborhood, and believes his success is a testament to his daily attendance, which he says is the key to running a successful bar. While Dorrian's may have proletarian roots, it has become the place for privileged uptown kids to congregate during summers and college breaks, and is enjoying a popularity surge with Dorrian's alumni, many of whom have assumed their rightful place among Manhattan's cultured class. Jack explains “the clientele we have today is what we had. Nothing different except the names. It’s the same people that come along with the same problems." Sounds like a hoot. But please don't forget the dress code.
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1616 2nd Avenue, New York, NY