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The Decline and Fall of Jim Mamary's Brooklyn Empire

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Today, the Real Deal takes a close look at the empire of Jim Mamary, one of Brooklyn's most notorious restaurateurs, and learns all is not well. First off, two of his current restaurants, Fly Fish and Since 1963, and one of his former restaurants still run by a partner, Cafe Bueno, abruptly closed last week without much warning for the employees. The article also predicts that his restaurant Trout, will not reopen.

While Mamary owns stake in five still open operations—Gowanus Yacht Club, Zombie Hut, Black Mountain Wine House, Café Enduro, and Pomme de Terre—he is moving to New Jersey and plans on exiting the day to day operations of his properties, saying, "The days of me owning and operating are over." Oh, except he's still thinking of building in Greenpoint and Crowne Heights. And he wants to expand Pomme de Terre. But that's it. Swear.
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