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Newcomer U2 Jumps The Gun On Boozy Karaoke Fun

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U2 Karaoke, the multilevel karaoke den that replaced the upper levels of the former Mondo Kim's Video on St Marks Place, opened for business last week. Early Saturday morning, after one too many adult beverages, your faithful nightlife editor was dragged there against his will with a promise of guaranteed fun. Lies! While U2 was spit shiny new, hearing tone deaf adults screaming Bon Jovi is a pretty miserable way to close out an evening. But what was really odd was U2's beverage service. After being led to a suite, the host asked if we wanted beer and promptly returned with a six pack of Corona still in it's cardboard carrier, a strange choice for a karaoke bar. Even stranger was that they were selling anything at all after Community Board 3 rejected their license application in March.

It turns U2 is selling sixers even though their liquor license application is still pending, and according to a representative from the SLA, "they cannot serve until they receive approval". Ruh roh. Rather than follow in Karaoke Boho's footsteps and open without booze or simply wait for approval, U2 has chosen to defy the SLA and mock the Community Board 3's prompt and completely straightforward application process and serve beer without a liquor license. Shame on you, U2. Shame! And while you're cleaning up the rest of your act, do St Marks Place a favor and turn down the wattage on those all of those signs! You're making Kenny Rogers Roaster's blush.
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U 2 Karaoke

6 Saint Marks Pl., New York, NY