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Gordon Ramsay Wants YOU for His American Idol Food Show

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Last month, celeb chef and former NYC restaurateur Gordon Ramsay announced his new reality show concept for Fox, "MasterChef." Meant to appeal to the masses, the show is already being called (by the show's PR of course) a culinary version of "American Idol." Unlike other competitions on the air right now, including Chopped, Top Chef, and Iron Chef, MC will only look at amateur chefs. This is where the casting call comes in. Be prepared to have your life changed forever:

Can you cook well despite never having been formally trained? We are currently searching for budding chefs from all walks of life - amateur chefs, passionate foodies, the ultimate dinner party host/hostesses?
Now one of the world’s most acclaimed chefs, GORDON RAMSAY, is giving you the opportunity to become a MasterChef!

MasterChef is a show that celebrates great people who make great food. The show will give contestants the opportunity to develop their cooking skills while being encouraged, mentored and celebrated by the industry’s best and evaluated by world-renowned judges!

If you are passionate about cooking and ready to change your life then audition for MasterChef, an inspiring cooking show from the producers of The Biggest Loser!

Think you can be the next Ruben Studdard of the food world? See here, and get ready for January 9, when the open call hits NYC. One can only hope they film the auditions American Idol-style and that Alton Brown will play the part of Ryan Seacrest.
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