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Mauro Maccioni: My Friends are Most Definitely not C-List

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In his Wednesday column, New York Post curmudgeon Steve Cuozzo railed against the "casualization" and loungification of New York City restaurants. He uses Le Cirque as one of his examples, mocking owner Mauro Maccioni's claim that the DJ parties thrown in their wine lounge on Friday nights for "C-list celebrities" in no way compromise the Le Cirque brand. Maccioni, none too pleased, responds in the comments:

...Our party is done for friends once a week beginning at 1130 pm and does not interfere with the high Standards of the Le Cirque dining experience. If Mr Cuozzo were to attend (and he has not), he would maybe understand that the crowd is quite elegant and not c-list My friends are not c-list, just friends. We would love for him to come by one evening and see what is happening and to understand that this has little to do with Le Cirque as a restaurant.
Now that that's cleared up, we wonder what the Cuozz thinks of the restaurant's newly launched Monday Football night with its menu of mini-cheeseburgers and fried chicken.
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Le Cirque

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Le Cirque

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