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Food Network Star Anne Burrell Sued for Discrimination

Following yesterday's news that Centro Vinoteca filed for Chapter 11, Abbe Diaz reports the restaurant and its owners are co-defendants in a discrimination lawsuit against Anne Burrell. According to the complaint, the foul-mouthed Burrell called the plaintiffs, former workers at the restaurant, "such derogatory terms as 'slutty,' 'saggy,' 'ho,' 'whore,' and 'stupid dumb whore? idiot.'" She also commented on their cleavage and made remarks like "You must be tired today from f[...]ing all night." According to the complaint, only women in the organization were treated this way. See some highlights of the complaint below:

· Chef Anne Burrell Sued for Discrimination [PXThis]

Centro Vinoteca

74 7th Avenue South, New York, NY 10014 (212) 367-7470 Visit Website

74 7th Ave. South, New York, NY