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Village Tart, MaximoPino, Strong Place and More Coming Soon

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1) Soho: Roving photog Will Femia notices a new restaurant is opening at 150 Sullivan Street, just south of Houston, in a space that once held a dry cleaners. [PLYWOOD]

2) Nolita: A couple of tipsters have sent in pictures of Village Tart over the past week, Lesly Bernard's new cafe, wine bar, and bakery on Kenmare and Mott. Fork in the Road learns that it should be opening in mid-January. And according to the official website, they'll be serving "a full selection of sweet and savory tarts as well as other slightly upscale, but uncomplicated foods." [PLYWOOD]

3) Greenwich Village: Femia also gets a pic of the new space at 504 6th Ave., on the corner of 13th Street. Signs say it will be called MaximoPino. [PLYWOOD]

4) Nolita: And elsewhere in Nolita, a tipster sends in photos of a mysterious looking place on Mott just below Houston. (see photos six and seven). Know what this place is? Send a note to the tipline.

5) East Village: Over in the East Village, EV Grieve checks in on the progress at Michael Huynh's project in the old Australian place on St. Marks and on the Taavo Somer American diner over on the Bowery. [PLYWOOD]

6) Cobble Hill: From the tipline: "Plywood soon to come down for Strong Place on Court St. in BK. New American Bistro in Cobble Hill from the guys behind Bocca Lupo. Over 20 beers on tap, raw bar, open kitchen and cool back yard! Expected opening mid Feb." [PLYWOOD]

7) Union Square: A Baked by Melissa cupcake shop is opening soon on 14th Street near 5th Ave. [PLYWOOD]

8) East Village: EV Grieve also learns that Singas Pizza, which closed last month on 1st Ave., will reopen over on Avenue C to compete against Bite Me Best. [PLYWOOD]

9) Fort Greene: Fork in the Road gets a recent pic of the plywood at EN Restaurant & Bar, a long plywooded space on the corner of Lafayette Avenue and Cumberland Street in Fort Greene. [PLYWOOD]