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Readers and Commenters Weigh in on the Best of 2009

All week we've been surveying friends, bloggers, food writers and the like on their best and worst of 2009. But Eater's well-fed readers and commenters have a few things to say too. Now, before we call it for 2009, the best of the responses this week.

A top newcomer, Maialino [Krieger]

Top Newcomer
EvillJimmy: Rye does deserve more love. The only reason to go to W'burg other than the burger at Lugers. As for Locanda, it's a hit and miss experience but the food is pretty reliable.

JDel: Yeah, I'd say DBGB and Emporio are definitely not getting the love they deserve.

momobaby: I would go with Marea, Minetta Tavern and Maialino. Would also agree with Aldea and the Brooklyn Star. On the fence with Locanda Verde.

Best Meal of the Year
jpp10780: The brooklyn fare was extravagant and gluttonous...course after course of quality food, expertly prepared, and eaten with a bunch of friends and strangers...a great time.

anonymous552: Like Zach, I enjoyed a wonderful birthday meal at Corton (albeit without Mr. Nieporent bussing my table). Another memorable meal for me was the five course prix-fixe with wine pairings at SHO Shaun Hergatt. There's some mighty original stuff coming out of Hergatt's kitchen and his sommelier (isn't it something that LeB, SHO and Corton all have women as sommelieres? Nobody beats Aldo at LeB, however) has some refreshing thoughts about wine pairing.

Sneakeater: I am mystified by all the listings of Marea. What am I missing about that place?

2009 in One Word:
foodiggity: Trucky
Ryno: Cheapavore
seyo: Overhyped
Momobaby: Diminished
urp: And Sons
ob1: Brutalicious

Restaurant Breakups
guest: What about Bar Blanc?? Caesar left, the named changed, and so did the food!!

Dining Surprises
Dupont: Biggest surprise is that no one comments on the the following unrelated but not unimportant issues: - the absolute mediocrity of Shake Shack burgers yet the media kowtowing continues. - the shuttering of Gordon Ramsey and the screwing of small wholesale purveyors of food and wine.

ForRealForReal: Having searched for months with poor results.... the tragically awful state of post-4am dining sans Florent. (which truth be told had not been great in 4 years).

Headline Predictions for 2010
Joey: Kurve Kart hits the streets of FiDi, is massive success.