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Eater's Top 10 Restaurant Industry Stories of the Year

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10: The saga of Kurve comes to a close, sort of. Coverage: After almost getting evicted and being deemed a shitshow, Kurve launches an all you can eat buffet, offers wifi and cupcakes, and changes its name to Rhong Tiam.

9: NIMBYS v. The Cooper Square Hotel. Coverage: Neighbors hang undies over the Cooper Square Hotel's swanky outdoor terrace bar in a guerrilla protest, then bring out the megaphones, home videos, and bigger, more soiled undies.

8: Chefs lose their minds, freak out on customers and employees. Coverage: Neil Ganic throws a lobster at a friend of Eater, the owner of Paradou goes apeshit on his employees because they aren't collecting enough emails from diners, Ryan Skeen basically asks to be fired from Allen & Delancey over Twitter, the owner of Posto bans Jimmy Fallon for life, and the owners of Isabella's Oven totally destroy their property after being evicted.

7: The Return of the Deathwatch. Coverage: After a year of suspending the Deathwatch, the DW committee here at Eater HQ deemed the industry just healthy enough for a glorious return. It did so with Shang.

6: Major Openings of upscale restaurants by big players. Coverage: Danny Meyer's Maialino, Michael White's Marea, Keith McNally's Minetta Tavern, Ken Friedman's The Breslin, and Andre's The Standard Grill.

5: Old Timers across the city shutter. Coverage: Joe's Jr, The Rainbow Room, Cafe Des Artistes, Chanterelle, T Thai, Vong, Zoe Soho, Diamond Dairy, Tavern on the Green, Pink Tea Cup, La Goulue.

4: Gourmet folds. Coverage: The shuttering and all of the sad, sad aftermath.

3: Momofuku chooses Midtown. Coverage: Chang confirms he's going to open Momofuku in the old Town space in Midtown, MomoMidtown releases renderings and announces name as Ma Peche, Ma Peche starts serving food on the mezzanine while they await a grand opening.

2: The birth of Shake Shack Nation. Coverage: Shake Shack Citifield, Shake Shack Nolita, Shake Shack Miami, Shake Shack Upper East Side, Midtown, and Kuwait, rumored, but perhaps ill fated, Shake Shack Dubai.

1: Frank Bruni leaves his post as New York Times restaurant critic to promote diet memoir. Sam Sifton takes over. Coverage: Bruni's epic Eater exit interview at Babbo, Jeffrey Tascarella's account of being haunted by the Bruni for four years, reactions from the industry, and insta-reactions from the twittersphere, and Eater's official Sam Sifton dossier.

An honorable mention goes to the shuttering of Starbucks Astor Place East, which held a special place in our hearts.
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