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The Temporary Shutter: Pig 'n' Whistle, Beard Papa's, and More

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There appears to be a citywide rash of temporary shutterings this week. This morning, Permanent Brunch & Burger remains seized, though owners promised it would reopen yesterday. Beard Papa's on 6th and Carmine is closed for curious end of the month "maintenance."

On the DOH front, Tribeca's Pig & Whistle is shuttered with a poorly scratched off bright yellow sticker adorning its front. And per EV Grieve, the DOH recently nabbed the sushi/Blimpie/pizza space in FiDi near Park Row. More on the latter development from an Eater operative: "What needs to be appreciated about the place is that in a single storefront, there is, basically, a food court inside. Sushi, Blimpie and pizza. Sushi. Blimpie. Pizza. It is hellanasty. It is about time the DOH paid them a visit. No way it reopens anytime soon. Related, this brings the total number of non-Starbucks options within a block of Pace University to zero." City agencies really getting a head start on their December quotas.
· US Marshals Shutter Four Month-Old Permanent Brunch [~ENY~]

Pig 'n' Whistle

365 Greenwich St., New York, NY