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Shake Shack, McNally Announce Official Arrival of Winter

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It's a balmy 62 right now, but make no mistake, it is most certainly winter in New York. Exhibit A: Keith McNally officially declared the beginning of the season over Thanksgiving weekend by erecting the vestibule at Balthazar. The arrival, always closely watched in the industry, came a month later than last year and two weeks later than in '07. A good sign for the winter ahead? Exhibit B: Last month Shake Shack began enforcing their winter hours, closing at 9 PM nightly. The good news is their heat lamps are already up and running (they were broken all last winter), and starting this week, the Shack is accepting call-in orders for those who don't want to huddle in the cold. Call 212-889-6600 between 10 AM and 8:30 PM for an infinitely more enjoyable Shake Shack Experience.
· Winter Hours Now Enforced at Shake Shack [~ENY~]


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80 Spring St., New York, NY