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Vintry Wine & Whisky Certified Open, Norry Tomorrow

Norry to the left, Vintry to the right.
Norry to the left, Vintry to the right.

Lower East Side: Lower East Side Cambodian restaurant Kampuchea will open their bar-centric annex Norry at Kampuchea tomorrow night. It has 40 seats and serves what they're calling "pub" food like sandwiches, fried chicken, catfish tacos, veal meatballs, and country ham. There's an extra emphasis on their $12 - 14 cocktails. Status: Opening tomorrow night; 78 Rivington St., 212-529-3901.

Financial District: Yesterday, Harry and Peter Poulakakos, owners of the Financier chain as well as Harry's Cafe and others downtown, opened their newest project, Vintry Wine & Whiskey, at 57 Stone Street. They offer over 80 wines by the taste, glass, or bottle, and promise to include rare wines typically only served in bottle form. As for food, they serve a lot of meats and bar snacks like knishes, lobster stuffed mushrooms, and shrimp skewers. Like Norry, this bar has just 40 seats. Status: Certified Open; 212-480-9800.

Bun & Co.

78 Rivington Street, New York, NY 10002

Vintry Wine & Whiskey

57 Stone Street, New York, NY