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Shake Shack Nolita Will Boast 30 Person Rooftop Terrace

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For those who didn't think the notion of a Shake Shack in the bowels of Nolita could get any better, please brace. The one story building Danny Meyer is planning for what is now an empty parking lot on 47 Prince Street will have a 30 seat roof top terrace.

According to papers filed with the Department of Building and approved by the proper authorities, the construction at 47 Prince will feature a ground floor section with kitchen that will have a total capacity of 29 (which we assume includes the workers) and a rooftop terrace with seating for 30. Imagine that place in the summer! Madness. Our condolences to nearby Soho Park.

Also of note in these filings, their architect is the same guy who did Bobby Van's Steakhouse in the American Airlines Terminal of JFK. So, that's nice.
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Shake Shack Nolita

47 Prince St., New York, NY