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Back to the Outer Boroughs, Sifton Hits up Purple Yam

Tomorrow, Sam Sifton heads back to the outer boroughs, this time to Brooklyn's Ditmas Park, to file a review of Purple Yam, a Filipino pan-Asian restaurant that was called Cendrillon when it operated in Soho.

PLAYBOOK: The standard line of thinking when dealing with an outer borough restaurant review, especially when it's a restaurant in a neighborhood as remote as Ditmas Park, is that it will be a onespot. It's worth a trip but the food can't really be that great right? Otherwise they'd be in the city. Sure. Fair. But this is a restaurant that won two stars when it called Soho home. There's a new name, a slightly altered menu, but the owners and the cooking look to be the same. And in a neighborhood with not much beyond Vox Pop (coffee shop which, as a commenter so deftly points out, is closed, but fans hope it is just temporary), Farm on Adderley (American restaurant), and Sycamore (bar), it's a vital addition to the area. The question is, has it maintained its quality? And also, will Sifty like it as much as Bruni?

SIFT HAPPENS: N/A. This is a solid one or two

THE LINE: Goose Egg: 400 - 1; One Star: 3 - 1; Two Stars: 2-1; Three Stars: 400 - 1 [Purple Yam Reviewed, after ~ 8PM; NYT]

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Purple Yam

1314 Cortelyou Rd., Brooklyn