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10 of the Most Notable Restaurant Closings of 2009

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Earlier this month, Eater ran a list of the 10 Old Timer Shutter Shockers of the Year—Gino can now be added to that list. Now, a look at more carnage: the shuttering of newer but still notable restaurants, some which we saw coming (Ago's incredible flame out, Kobe Club slow demise), and some which caught the whole dining world off guard (the John Dory).

1) Fiamma [1/14/09]
2) Fleur de Sel [2/21/09]
3) Kobe Club [4/25/09]
4) Ago [5/5/09]
5) Tailor [Summer '09]
6) Payard [6/29/09]
7) Elettaria [8/27/09]
8) The John Dory [8/28/09]
9) Le Souk [12/2/09]
10) Craftsteak [Closing 1/1/10, technically a 2010 closing, but close enough for us]
An honorable mention goes to BAMN! which closed back in March. RIP.

Want to lament another shutter? Do so in the comments.
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