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Point/Counterpoint: Nightlife Man Noel Ashman

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Ripped from the comment section of this post about Noel Ashman's next venture, Eater proudly presents Point/Counterpoint. If you would like to take part in your own Point/Counterpoint, make sure to comment every day!

2009_12_ashmanclub.jpgLet's start with the detractor:

Point: Noel Ashman is the most hated person in the industry. NO ONE WILL WORK WITH HIM. HE STEALS FROM HIS EMPLOYEES AND PROMOTERS and manages to stay relevant because he kisses a bunch of B-list celebs butts. The place will fail miserably because no one will work with Ashman or is stupid enough to invest. AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE and follow the example of former Ashman associates and stay away from him and his venue.

And the friend:

Counterpoint: I am a friend of noel's so while i might be slightly biased i will say two things. First no one in the night club business has anywhere near as much pull with celebrity's as noel does, many people do not realize he owns a film and television production company with many celebrities as his partners and has personally produced many quality films and even a david mamet play as people can see if they look at That is more then anyone is this silly night club world can say, so his living does not depend on night clubs.

Secondly i know the group of people noel works with and he has been working with them for years so he hardly depends on the scummy promoters out there who bring in five people and than demand free booze and then payment. Maybe he is resented for that, but it is a fact. I dont mean to imply noel is perfect as he has many "quirks" as he is often late and can be abrasive at times but anyone who knows him well knows he is a generally good and honest guy...... just my input lol

It's a tough call, but it seems like the Point has the stronger case here. What do you all think?
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