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Platt Contemplates '09 in New York's Annual Uber Round Up

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New York runs its yearly assessment of what and where to eat in the New Year today. Really a tome-sized best of '09 list divided into 11 categories, prolific eater Adam Platt and his team of helpers make mention of the rise of excellent hotel dining, Italian restaurants, seafood spots, Southern cooking, scene-monsters, and unexpected haute dining, along with the continued rise of high end burgers. For added kicks he files his obligatory list of the city's new restaurants—Aldea, the Breslin, Minetta Tavern, Sho Shaun Hergatt, Seasonal, A Voce Columbus, Sorella, Vinegar Hill House, Maialino— and calls out the best desserts, cocktails, and new chefs. Platt being Platt, he also makes sure to mention what he's tired of (pig, duck fat, mason jars). Those already well versed in the current NYC dining scene won't find much surprising in there, but Plattypants does stray from the pack a bit by shoveling praise on sleeper Seasonal and the divisive Sho Shaun Hergatt.
Where to Eat in 2010 [NYM]