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Lea, Financier Grand Central, and Subway Bowery Now Open

1) Lower East Side: Fork in the Road reports that a new panini and crepe shop called Lea has opened in the old Diamond Wine Bar space on 188 Allen St. Status: Certified Open; 188 Allen St.

2) Midtown: Blondie and Brownie spies that the third Midtown location of Financier, the sweet little patisserie now taking over all of Manhattan, is now open. They've taken over the Oren's space in Grand Central. Status: Certified Open; Grand Central Terminal, 105 East 42nd St., 212-419-0100.

3) Noho: Bowery Boogie notices that the Subway in the old Downtown Music Gallery space on the Bowery has opened, making it the 17th shop within a ten block radius. Status: Certified Open; 342 Bowery

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188 Ludlow St., New York, NY