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Ping Pong Club Wizard Also May Destroy Marriages

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Spin NYC co-owner and all around ping pong fanatic Jonathan Brecklin has achieved some great feats in the past few years. Not only did he and his friends raise $1.5 million to open a giant ping pong palace, he's also managed to make it somewhat popular, attracting a good crowd (50 Cent, supermodels, scenesters, etc.) and solid events to the space. And now for his crowning achievement, Gawker and Page Six are floating the rumor that Brecklin is now dating actress and SPIN investor Susan Sarrandon, which is crazy on so many levels. Although he denies it, it goes to show you that even if you're obsessed with a game as innocent as ping pong, you can still manage to be romantically linked to a celebrity. There just may be a 30 year age gap.
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