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Tailor Space hits Craigslist; A Plea to Shop and Eat at Ray's

We're off until Monday, everyone. Happy holidays. Happy dining.

[Christmas decor at Rolf's by Krieger]

SOHO— A broker is pimping Tailor's space on Craigslist. It's going for $18,300 a month. [Craigslist via Grub Street]

EAST VILLAGE— EV Grieve puts out a plea asking everyone to hit up Ray's Candy Store on Avenue A this season. The owner's long chronicled troubles are not letting up. And apparently this is the first time in 30 years he hasn't paid his rent by the first of the month. [EVG]

TOP CHEFFAGE— The Voltaggio Brothers have launched a new weekly web-based video series that will focus on their "favorite ingredients, techniques, and gadgets." [Eater National]

Ray's Candy Store

113 Avenue A, New York, NY