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Even More Beatrice Inn Rumors To Stoke the Fire

Another day, another Beatrice Inn rumor. This time, its Page Six who jumps into the mud pit, quoting a source who denies the Puck Building rumors but gushes that "the space they're looking at is in NoHo. They want to create a modern Max's Kansas City . . . There will be a live music component and a low-key downtown artist vibe." Meanwhile, Steve Lewis claims to know all of the final details but is keeping them to himself. Why the silent treatment? Lewis explains that any premature chatter will "cause political or legal problems that will squash it before the first ice is put into the first cocktail." Noho isn't exactly an area that is free from pesky residential buildings that Paul Sevigny has been searching for, and since Lewis isn't talking, we'll all just have to wait and see.
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