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New Talks at Country; Annisa Finally on the Mend

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WEST VILLAGE— Grub Street learns that chef Anita Lo has just now begun rebuilding her restaurant Annisa, which was shuttered earlier this year after a fire. She plans on opening in February.

CHAINDOM— Norman Brinker, the founder of Bennigan's is dead at 78. [FitR]

FLATIRON— Gael Greene reports Laurent Manrique, a seasoned San Francisco chef, in in talks to become a consultant at the upstairs section of the restaurant Country, a space that at one time was meant to become Country Steak. Just recently, a new guy took over the downstairs area of the restaurant, known as the Cafe at Country. [Insatiable Critic]

FIDI— That Subway sandwich shop that is going to rise up with the Freedom Tower has been successfully installed. God Bless America. [Gothamist]


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