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Mom's Cooking, Holey Cream, Farmers Diner, and More

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1) Hell's Kitchen: Fork in the Road brings word of Holey Cream a new ice cream and doughnuts spot on 9th Ave. and 53rd St. They will fry doughnuts in house and also plan on serving cupcakes. The opening is imminent. [PLYWOOD]

2) East Village: EV Grieve reports that the long dormant Baluchi's space on 2nd Avenue between 6th and 7th Streets will reopen as Matsukado, a Japanese "noodle and tapas" restaurant. [PLYWOOD]

3) Location Unknown: Grub Street shares the news that Tod Murphy, a Vermont farmer owner of a roadside-diner, is scouting locations for a new New York City project: "Following the model the Farmers Diner uses in Vermont, meat, dairy, and vegetables will be delivered to a separate commissary kitchen located closer to the farms; semi-prepped provisions will then be brought to the restaurant. On the Farmers Diner menu, breakfast and lunch are served all day, and the food isn't fancy, by design. Check averages hover around $12." He plans to open by next fall. [PRE-PLYWOOD]

4) Central Village: Fork in the Road also notices new signage in the old Australian space on 8th Street over by University. The new restaurant, Mom's Cooking, will serve soups, stews, and "daily inspirations." [PLYWOOD]

Holey Cream

796 Ninth Ave., New York, NY