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Presenting the Batali Pizza Set and 'wichcraft Dinner Winners!

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All month, we've been giving away loads of goods from restaurants and foodie outlets across town as part of Eater's annual Giveaway Extravaganza. Today, it's time to check in on a couple of winners. Last week found both a crazy pizza package from Mario Batali and a free dinner at 'wichcraft on the auction block. For the first, we asked for a Batali haiku or limmerick. The best submission:

If I could cook like Batali:
I'd sleep on beds of farfalle
And get fat right away,
From my rocking sautee,
Oh how I'd stuff my face with guanciale!
And for the 'wichcraft dinner, we asked readers to create a sandwich based on a Top Chef personality. This one won for the sheer amount of time the contender obviously put into it.

Name: The Red Beer'd

*Roasted Poblano Ciabatta Loaf
*Red and Yellow Cabbage w/rice wine vinegar
*7 Hour Killians Irish Red Braised Pork Butt (shreded)
*Melted Pepper Jack Cheese
*Pork Demi Glace with Banana Peppers
*Sweet Potato Chips

* Take the pulled pork and warm it up with Demi and peppers.
*Toast the ciabatta bun
* Melt the pepperjack over the pork/demi mix
*Using a large metal spoon take the pork mixture and put it on the toasted ciabatta
* Put the sweet potato chips on top of the pork mix
*thinly julienne the cabbage and mix with a teaspoon of rice vinegar, salt and pepper. Put on top of chips
*put the top pf the bun on the sandwich
*Salivate while looking at the sandwich
*Eat and tell your friends how good it was.

****Please note, there are three variations of this sandwich
1) The "Red Beer'd who 'Choked"
-In this variation, replace the poblano ciabatta with an artichoke and sundried tomato ciabatta.
2)The "Shaggy Red Beer'd"
-In this variation, replace the pork with rabbit, braise for one hour less
3) The "Salty about Tom"
- In this variation, replace the pork butt with pork belly and have your servers tell all the guests it's better that way.

There are also three additions and condiments.

1) "Padma on top"
- Finish the dish with a fried egg. similar to croque madame.
-Sous vide the pork, Use a puree and silpat to make the sweet potato chips, pressure cook the cabbage and make your own poblano cheese with only water, Pepper seeds, dirt and a live cow. *Please note these condiment variations takes about month to make
3) "Avec Jen"
-Replace the pork with sea bass, overcook it, under-season it, sent it vacum packed to philly, get it back a week later and tell everyone how you used to work for eric ripert ( preparation time, one week)

Thanks for playing, and check back tomorrow for a new Christmas-themed Momo Book giveaway.