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Sorella's Emma Hearst Crowned Hottest Chef in New York City

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After a month of rigorous nominating, seeding, and voting, Eater officially crowns Emma Hearst, chef/owner at LES restaurant Sorella and a relative newcomer to the NYC dining scene, The Hottest Chef in New York. Congrats chef on that pretty, pretty face. Since she only bested her rival Tomas Curi, the hottie from 'inoteca & Liquori Bar, by a mere 56 votes or .4%, man should get a consolation prize. Therefore, Tomas, Eater crowns you the hottest male chef in New York. Congratulations all around.

To the 30 chefs that lost out, especially Natalia Machado and last year's winner Alain Allegretti and their rabid fans, you all made a valiant effort. Kudos on that. To review how the contest went down, we have full coverage here, and as always, thanks for playing.