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Plump Dumpling, Tawa Tandoor Open; Mikey's Tomorrow

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1) Lower East Side: Last week, Mikey's, Michael Huynh's new burger concept in the old Rush Hour space, was scheduled to open to the public today after a weekend of free burger giveaways. The sliver of a space offers four 6-oz. burgers on potato rolls: a jamb burger with spicy peanut sauce, a fried tilapia burger with wasabi aioli, a BLT burger with Kewpie mayo, and a beef burger with mustard seeds. Burgers go for about $6 each. Status: Opening tomorrow; 134 Ludlow St., 212-979-9211.

2) East Village: EV Grieve reports that Plump Dumpling has successfully expanded into the space next door. Status: Certified Open; 174 2nd Ave., 212-254-2868.

3) Chinatown: Serious Eats reports that a new location of Xian Famous Foods, well known for its stall in the Flushing Mall, has opened in Manhattan. Status: Signs point to open; 88 East Broadway #106.

4) Chinatown: Grub Street brings word that a second Popeye's Chicken has opened just nine blocks from its original Chinatown location. Status: Certified Open; 327 Canal St., 212-219-9191.

5) Midtown: Midtown Lunch notices that Tawa Tandoor has opened in the old Soul Fixins' space on 34th Street near 9th Ave.:
"Tawa Tandoor opened at the end of last month, serving kati rolls, chaat, and a steam table full of pre-cooked hot dishes. Prices are pretty standard ($6.99-$8.99 for a combination plate of hot food), and all the stuff I saw looks pretty decent." Status: Certified Open, 371 W. 34th St., 212-502-0082.
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134 Ludlow St., New York, NY