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The Beatrice's Paul Sevigny Finally Showing His Cards

Gawker proudly gushes of what they claim to be Paul Sevigny's plans regarding his new space. Dubbing it the "New Beatrice", Gawker hears from a source close to the anti-press Sevigny, who says that a deal is in final negotiations for a raw, multi-level space in Soho that will offer food, an office/gallery space for exhibits, screenings and readings, and potentially a publication for all of those laid off journalists. It all sounds great! Just don't call it the new Beatrice Inn.

The Bea was a reaction to the club and lounge scene that dominated the middle part of the decade, and certainly lacked aspirations to be the all in one scene described by Gawker. It was an intimate, down and dirty affair lacking aspirations beyond creating a fun party every night it was open. Was it always "closed for a private event?" Yes. Was it overhyped by just a little bit? You bet. But it was great while it lasted.

So when Sevigny and crew finally get around to opening this new place in the Hudson Square area (our guess), expect a tough door, lots of celebrities, scenesters, Olivier Zahm, and rock and roll. Just don't expect it to be the Beatrice Inn II.
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