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Burger Joint's Gradual Price Creep; Jamie Oliver Gets Sued

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Orka at Fairway in Red Hook
Orka at Fairway in Red Hook

MIDTOWN— Midtown Lunch reports that the burgers at Burger Joint have gone from $9.50 to $12 in the last three and a half years. [ML]

FUNNY LAWSUITS—British celeb chef Jamie Oliver has been threatened with a lawsuit ... from the Village People. The '70s disco band says Jamie Oliver used their image without authorization in a series of promotions for his upcoming series Jamie's American Road Trip. And also, the lawsuit alleges that Oliver illegally and misleadingly portrayed the Village People as "engaging in hard drugs and public nudity." [~EN~]

UPPER EAST SIDE— Johnny Rockets will be opening, get this, a sports bar on the Upper East Side in January. It sounds like it will be kind of like the other locations of the nation-wide chain, except with a full bar and a ton of TVs. [EaterWire]

Burger Joint

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