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Still No Refunds From Tavern on the Green Halloween Disaster

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It's been a month since the promoters of the Tavern on the Green Halloween disaster promised refunds for ticket holders, but according to the Facebook group, it seems none of thousands of aggrieved ticket holders has received a refund to date. So much for getting 7 on your side. But if you still have an itch that only a party at Tavern can scratch, feel free to drop $125 on a ticket for the New Year's Eve party, which covers booze, a gourmet dinner buffet until 2AM and a breakfast buffet at 3AM. What a bargain, if they ever let you inside!
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Tavern on The Green

67th St. Central Park West, New York, NY 10023 212-877-TOTG Visit Website

Tavern on the Green

Central Park West & 67th St, New York, NY