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Hottest Chef in New York FINAL: Curi, Hearst, Sosa

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After a month of nominating, seeding, and voting, the moment is finally here. It's time for the final in the 2nd Annual Hottest Chef in NY competition. Tomas Curi, chef de cuisine at 'inoteca & liquori bar, easily won his bout against Johnny Iuzzini and Patrick Connolly Wednesday. Sorella's Emma Hearst narrowly won her heat against Seamus Mullen and Craig Koketsu. And Monday, well Monday we're giving to Xie Xie's Angelo Sosa*. Vote, vote vote, and may the hottest chef win.

Poll results

*By the official count, reigning champ Alain Allegretti won Monday's bout. However, due to a suspicious number of votes for both him and Natalia Machado from their respective home countries (France and Argentina), and the speed at which they came in (Alain received 400 votes in under an hour right before the poll closed), we're giving this one to Angelo Sosa. Whether their fans gamed the system or just had a really great international get out the vote campaign, we don't think the vote appropriately represents the votes of Eater readers. And as stated at the beginning of all this, we reserve the right to DQ contestants should the results look fishy. That said, thanks for the entertaining comment thread guys.