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After Two Years and Three Chefs Irving Mill Calls it a Day

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Grub Street reports the not incredibly surprising news that Union Square restaurant Irving Mill will close sometime in January. The restaurant, known for its chef turnover, a major lawsuit, and its one-time super porky menu, has been, how shall we say, underpopulated of late (or, the last year of its life really). Regardless, the owners—two brothers and one's wife—meant well and it's a beautiful, large space. And that Ryan Skeen burger had some serious potential back in the day.

Life goes on, and this space will go on, reopening as a Brother Jimmy's BBQ, the fratty barbecue chain, in March. Just think: a new TGI Friday's and a Brother Jimmy's? Union Square is looking like the place to be in 2010.
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Irving Mill

116 East 16th St., New York, NY