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Ramirez Cans Expansion Plans; Maialino Launches Breakfast

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DOWNTOWN BROOKLYN— Following the success of his DIY-seeming chef counter dinners next to upscale grocer Brooklyn Fare, chef Cesar Ramirez said he was going to expand the concept into a larger, more permanent space. He tells Grub Street today that those plans have been scrapped. However he will introduce wine pairings in June. [GS]

LOWER EAST SIDERed Velvet Lounge, that weird cupcakery/bar mashup is opening on 174 Rivington. And look at what the poor cocktail waitresses have to wear (right). [EaterWire]

GRAMMERCY— Danny Meyer's Maialino will launch breakfast on Monday morning, Urban Daddy reports. Lunch will come next month. [UD]

SOHO— Newcomer Bar Henry has a new quirky Tom & Jerry program. Since the winter drink is so labor intensive (it requires the beating and folding of eggs, warming milk, grinding nutmeg), barman Patrick Costigan makes 10 a night. He crosses them off with a wax pencil on a mirror as they're snatched up. [Diner's Journal]

Red Velvet Lounge

174 Rivington St., New York, NY