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'Dive' Bar Angels & Kings Now Serving Westville's Menu

Westville, the longtime West Village staple that has in recent years expanded to the East Village and Chelsea (still plywooded), is making yet another footprint, and a curious one at that. PR sends word that the restaurant is now serving its menu inside...Pete Wentz's "dive bar" Angels & Kings. They're calling it Westville at Angels & Kings, but basically, the bar will put the restaurant's menus on the tables, and the restaurant will make deliveries. Kind of like at a real dive bar, where patrons can order from any take out place they want to. Except here it's just Westville. And it's probably nicer. Regardless, it looks like Wentz's party palace is trying to expand its demographic and maybe become more connected to the neighborhood.
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Angels & Kings

500 East 11th St., New York, NY