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Go! Go! Reacts to Matsui Trade; Dom DeMarco on TLC

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MIDWOOD— Serious Eats learns that Dom DeMarco, he of the famed DiFara pizzeria, will be featured on a new TLC show called Craving Comfort. [SE]

MIDTOWN— When the world learned that Hideki Matsui had been traded, Midtowners' thoughts went to Go! Go! Curry, the notorious Matsui obsessives who give away free toppings whenever the baseball player hits a home run. Midtown Lunch went to the source, learning management is "very disappointed," but will root for him regardless. They haven't decided if they'll still give away the free toppings. [ML]

BUSHWICK—This Thursday, Zak Pelaccio and his team of chefs from Fatty Crab, Cabrito and Fatty 'Cue will host a show on Heritage Radio Network (broadcast out of Roberta's in Brooklyn) from 3 - 4 PM. They'll take calls, tell stories, the whole deal. Call in or email questions to 718-497-2128 or [EaterWire]

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