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Pesky Dept. of Health to Ban Street Cart Seafood in 2010

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Midtown Lunch is upset to learn that due to a new resolution in the New York City health code, starting January 1, 2010 street vendors will no longer be allowed to sell seafood. Given the number of delicious seafood options sold on the streets of New York, ML is right to worry about the ramifications both for eaters and for the vendors should this resolution actually be enforced: "the fried cod from the Schnitzel Truck, Tianbula from the NYC Cravings Truck, and the always delicious salmon and tilapia served by Kwik Meal...This must be some kind of a bad dream." The new code also introduces new restrictions to vendors selling cut or processed fruit (the smoothie guys).

Shellfish (fine, let's say raw shellfish) may be one thing, but fish and chips, lobster rolls, Aunt Kitchen cart's whiting sandwich? Is fish that much more dangerous than a poorly handled piece of meat? DOH, you're overstepping.
· Department of Health Bans Street Vendors From Selling Seafood [ML]