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Write a Batali Inspired Haiku, Win a Complete Pizza Package

This time of year, who doesn't like to get stuff for free? Lucky for you, the annual Eater Giveaway Extravaganza is well underway. Until we run out of goodies, check this space regularly for new chances to win. 'Tis the season, friends. And publicists, ping us here if you want to offer something up to the hungry crowds.

2009_12_bataligiveaway.jpgIt's time for another massive Eater giveaway; please inch closer to your screen. For the holidays Culinary Insiders is selling a collection of chef's gift baskets from Mario Batali, Daniel Boulud, Marco Canora, and Francois Payard that range from $100 - 300 but can be upgraded to a $15,000 with a "splurge" add on like a outdoor pizza oven or a cooking class with Canora in Italy. On the table today: Mario Batali's pizza package ($215), which includes a cast iron and enamel pizza pan, wooden pizza peel, pizza wheel, and silicone work mat, a gift certificate for a pair of Mario’s iconic orange Crocs, and a collection of Mario's personal favorite recipes and insider tips. Fun. To win, send a haiku or a limmerick about Batali, pizza, or both to by midnight tonight. Try to keep it clean.

If pizza aint your thing, stay tuned for plenty of more giveaways later this week.