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No One Hurt as Hotel Griffou's X-Mas Tree Goes Up in Flames

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File under "Disaster Averted." Things got a bit toasty at Hotel Griffou last Thursday night, as the Post reports the Greenwich Village restaurant's Christmas tree caught on fire during service: "There was a candle nearby, and suddenly the tree went up in flames. Diners started throwing their glasses of water over it until staff came rushing over with a fire extinguisher. Everyone was shocked how quickly it caught fire. But it was contained pretty quickly, so there was no need to call the Fire Department." Restaurateurs, please keep the tea candles away from the x-mas trees, and most importantly, keep those suckers watered. To see what could have happened, check out this PSA.
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Hotel Griffou

21 West 9th Street, New York, NY 10011 (212) 358-0228 Visit Website

Hotel Griffou

21 West 9th St., New York, NY