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Sifiting Through The New Year's Eve Shills

A classic part New Year's Eve is the depth to which promoters stoop to sell tickets to their parties. While the prices for these shindigs may have come way down, the shill factor has exploded through the roof. To market the spaces for the legions of out-of-towners who invade New York for a night of champagne toasts and five hour premium open bars, the promoters have attached some catchy rankings to all of the bars hosting these events. Amazingly, each of the venues has been ranked #1 in its class. Even more amazing - there are over 40 different classes!

With so many top rated and #1 ranked venues, consumers who don't know any better must spend weeks trying to pick the best party to attend. For example:

· The Yard NYC - Rated America's #1 Most Outrageous Bar Bash New Year's Eve 2010 Party.
· Eden Rooftop - Rated Times Square's #1 Luxe Rooftop Party for New Year's Eve 2010.
· Stone Creek - Ranked #1 Murray Hill's Coolest Lounge-Hottest NYE2010 Value Ticket.
· The Eldridge - Voted #1 A-List Hangout Lounge for New Year's Eve 2010.
· Forum - Voted #1 Union Square Lounge for New Year's Eve 2010.
· Irving Mill - Rated #1 New Union Square Bar Lounge For New Years 2010
So Forum is voted the #1 Union Square Lounge but Iriving Mill is rated the #1 New Union Square Bar Lounge? One could spend hours trying to figure out the difference between those two slogans and still wind up not knowing where to go. The thing to remember is that it is all a gimmick, and that New Year's Eve is one of the Five Worst Nights to go out in New York.
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