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Community Boards May Lose Power In 2010

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Could 2010 be the end of the Community Board? The Brooklyn Paper hits on the subject, saying that Mayor Bloomberg is ready to convene a Charter Revision Commission in January, 2010 that will look into either reducing or eliminating the role that Community Boards have in government functions, as a way to both save money and streamline various processes. The Boards were created in 1975, and currently wield a tremendous amount of power in a few key areas, including land use issues and SLA applications, where they have the first word. Many believe that a liquor license should be more as of right per zoning and subject to the 500' rule rather than to the whims of an unelected community group, but it is unclear how a reduction to the Board's role or funding will impact the process. The Mayor's office has been relatively mum on their goals for the 2010 CRC, but no one should expect the Boards to go down without a major fight that is guaranteed to include some old school hysterics.
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