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The Problems with Gordon Ramsay Live; Looking Back at 1999

RETROSPECTIVES— The Grinder takes a fun look at 2009 vs. 1999, including everything from Atkins to Asian fusion, and appletinis. [Chow]

DICEY GAMBITS— So, tomorrow, Gordon Ramsay's one-off show "Cookalong Live," a show in which viewers are encouraged to cook along with he celeb chef, airs on Fox. Some issues: it doesn't air until 10 PM, the ingredients are pricey, it requires prep work, and the recipes are pedestrian. [EMD; NYP]

MIDTOWN—A quick note to the NYTimes correction department, as noticed by commenter SneakEater: The Grill Room is inside the Four Seasons restaurant, not the Four Seasons Hotel. [NYT]

WEST VILLAGE—10 Downing is now open for lunch on Tues - Fri. [EaterWire]

10 Downing Food and Wine

10 Downing Street, New York, NY 10014 212-255-0300

The Four Seasons Restaurant

280 Park Ave., New York, NY 10017 212 754 9494

10 Downing

10 Downing St., New York, NY