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Meet the Nine Hottest Chefs in New York City

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Congratulations chefs, and thank you to all those Eater readers for two weeks of arduous, back breaking voting in the 2nd annual Hottest Chef in NY competition. After launching with a pool of 32 seeded chefs, the group of hot chef contenders has been narrowed down to the above elite eight, plus an extra wild card Natalia Machado. Ms. Machado received the most votes for a runner up—a whopping 503 votes—and only lost her heat by eight. On Monday, round two will commence with Alain Allegretti going up against Machado and Angelo Sosa. Emma Hearst (Sorella), Tomas Curi ('inoteca), Johnny Iuzzini (Jean Georges), Patrick Connolly (Bobo), Craig Koketsu (Park Avenue Winter), and Seamus Mullen (Boqueria) will be up next.
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