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Trouble Afoot at Doomed Nautical Restaurant Harbour

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Inside Harbour; photo by Horine, 3/28/09

Those who remember a certain press release pimping "Aphrodisiac Thursdays" may have seen this one coming. From the looks of it, nautically themed and unfortunately located Harbour restaurant is in dire straights. A tipster tells TONY that a dinner there was cancelled on Tuesday at the very last minute (like, they were at the restaurant) "due to management change." Meanwhile no one has been answering the phone at the restaurant, and OpenTable isn't offering any two tops until after the New Year. This a not a restaurant that has ever been book a month out.

Oh and then there's this missive, sent to the Eater tipline last night: "Harbour Restaurant - CLOSED. Filed for bankruptcy." We'll be back later this morning with the official response, but those who have resys for tonight (anyone?) may want to make other arrangements. Update: And another tipster chimes in: "I work by Harbour and pass it several times a day...Yes it is closed...last few days there's been a sign that says 'closed for a private event' but no activity. Also they took the menu, etc out of the outside display case.'"
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290 Hudson St., New York, NY