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Nightclub Bathrooms Aren't Always So Glamorous

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Today's fancy nightclubs and lounges put some special effort into the design of their bathrooms, giving their customers a certain amount privacy and cleanliness for every and any situation. Wink! But back in the day, older nightclubs didn't offer these same luxuries to their guests. A club's bathrooms were more akin to a rundown arena or stadium, and halfway through the night the situation would deteriorate into Mars Bar or Cheap Shots territory, something that wouldn't happen at Le Boom or Avenue.

A broker who often works with nightclubs and restaurants discovered these classic artifacts from a past deal, saying "these signs were on the ladies' bathroom wall of one of the more legendary NYC clubs after it had fully devolved and I was renting it out. My mother thinks my business is glamorous." It turns out these were from the original China Club before it relocated to 47th Street. And everyone always says that it's men who are disgusting. Lucky for everyone that society has evolved and these things are no longer commonplace.
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Do you have any memories of nasty bathrooms or great bathroom stories? Drop it in the comments or let us know.