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Michael Huynh's "Baorrito" To Take Over Australian?

Michael Huyh, the Conquistador of 2009 and new king of St. Mark's Place, confirms that he has just taken over the Austrailian space right next to Crif Dogs on St. Mark's near Avenue A. When asked whether or not that would be the location of his future Asian-Taco joint, Huynh said he wasn't sure, that he has three leases on St. Mark's Place to play with (Cherries is one of the others). However, if he does put the tacos here, he's considering calling it Baorrito. May we also suggest South of the Baoder? Taco Bao?

Keep in mind, he could always stick his just announced Cuban-Asian spot with Alex Garcia in the space. Or given his aggressive style, perhaps an Asian hot dog joint. Like it or not, the bursting of the Bao Bubble is still nowhere in sight.
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115 St. Mark's Place, New York, NY