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FiDi Gastro Pub, 4Food, Balade, and More All Coming Soon

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1) Flatiron: Kathi Rolls by Kabob Factory a casual Indian restaurant, is opening soon on Lexington between 27th and 28th. PR reports that the restaurant will seat 22 and will offer a variety of kathi rolls including a chicken tikka roll, a Seekh kabob roll, and a vegetarian roll. It comes from the owner of Bhatti Indian Grill on the same block. [PLYWOOD]

2) FiDi: EVGrieve brings word that the owners of Molly's Pub are opening a new gastro pub at 110 John Street in the former Ristorante 110 space. Few details are available, but they point out that the place has yet to secure a liquor license. [PLYWOOD]

3) Midtown: Midtown Lunch reports on 4Food, the latest in a string of bizarre, new fast food concepts to hit midtown. They aim to do fast food healthy. What separates this one from the pack? Their signature "W(hole)burger™" combines a donut shaped patty (you pick the meat) with various "veggiescoop centers." Take that, Munchkins. [PLYWOOD]

4) SoHo: Crain's New York writes that a branch of the California born, Spanish tapas chain Lizarran Tapas is set to open in January. They add that the mini empire has plains to open five more New York based restaurants over the next five years. [PLYWOOD]

5) East Village: Balade, a new Lebanese spot on 1st between 12th and 13th is moving closer. It will seat 56 and is set to open within the next two weeks. Also, the space next to Rueben's Empanadas, nearby on 122 1st Ave. is going to be reopened as a restaurant. [PLYWOOD]

6) Union Square: EVGrieve notices that slice juggernaut Bravo Pizza is opening its 7th Manhattan location in the long vacant Rhyme & Reason space. Despite the close proximity to fellow pizza joint Amore's, they note that Bravo should be just fine given the fat that there's "an NYU dorm and an NYU dorm and an NYU dorm within a short few blocks." [PLYWOOD]
—Matt Duckor

Kathi Roll

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