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Heavy Hitters Blow Off New Years Eve All Night Permits

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New Year's 2010 is fast approaching, but this year's batch of revelers won't be living it up at some of New York's biggest nightlife venues. The number of all night permits issued by the SLA is way down compared to last year, and it seems that a number of so called hot spots either missed the application deadline or simply chose not to apply for the permit. A quick perusal of the list shows that high profile venues like Simyone Lounge, 1OAK, Tenjune and Rose Bar have not received the all night permits, which give venues the ability to remain open until 8AM for one night only.

It's not like no one will be open after 4AM. The SLA issued 169 permits, and venues like Avenue, APT, Santos Party House and the Soho and Tribeca Grand will all be open into the early morning of New Years Day. But let's get serious - do you really need those extra four hours in a bar? Really? Even club owners know that this isn't the smart play, as one summized, "we have no desire to be open past 4AM. Just like in my personal life nothing good happens from being out past 4AM". Amen.
UPDATE: Surprise, surprise. The SLA has decided to once again extend the deadline for submitting applications for all night New Year's Eve permits, after reports surfaced that only 165 bars had successful received permits. Bars interested in staying open past 4AM now have until Monday, December 7 to submit an application. A spokesman for the SLA told the Times City Room that the "deadline was changed to give the Liquor Authority more time to determine which permits should be denied because of past or current violations". Still it remains to be seen how many additional bars will sign up.
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