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Permanent Brunch to Reopen, Add Burger; Aldea Goes Southern for a Day

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EAST VILLAGE— Grub Street learns that Permanent Brunch, the 1st Ave. restaurant that was seized by marshals this afternoon, will reopen tomorrow. It will also open with a new name, Permanent Brunch and Burger. [GS]

MIDTOWN— Bret Thorn learns that Ink 48, the new Kimpton Hotel in MIdtown, is looking for bartenders for its two new concepts. [NRN]

CHANGDOM— David Chang on the difference between cooking on the line in the daily grind and running a burgeoning empire of restaurants: “One of the best things about being a line cook is that you know when you’ve had a good day – you do your mise en place, you have a great service, catch a few beers with the crew afterwards. In not cooking, it’s hard to know when you really have a good day.” [Daily Blender via Eater National]

LOS ANGELES— Eater LA hears their branch of Birdbath bakery is going to open in mid-February. [~ELA~]

FLATIRON—On Monday, December 7th, chef Mike Lata, owner of the Charleston restaurant FIG and winner of the 2009 James Beard Award for Best Chef Southeast, will cook a Southern dinner at Aldea. The four course dinner with wine pairings runs $125 per person.

UPPER WEST SIDE— Question: Would anyone cook Thanksgiving dinner when they could have a private brunch at Per Se while watching the parade from above instead? Stop being so shocked about Martha. [HollywoodLife]


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Permanent Brunch

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