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The Jho Lo Files: A Real Malay Whale

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Throughout the summer, rumors started spreading that a mystery man had been showing up at New York's hottest nightclubs and spending ridiculous amounts of money. One story even had him rolling into Avenue during fashion week and spending $160,000 in one night. As soon as the rumors began, rival clubs owners began working the phones, hoping to either add fuel to the fire or put it out because the big spender from Asia was extremely press shy. If news of his spending got out, the unlucky club owner named in the story would lose all of this guy's business. According to one nightlife source, losing four months of this customer could cost an operator as much $2 million.Yesterday, the NY Post blew the roof off the big spender, running a full spread on Taek Jho Low, a Malaysian-born Wharton grad who has inexplicably become the biggest whale in New York City.

While no one knows much about Jho, his business or his past, they certainly know about his nightclub spending habits. In addition to his lavish night at Avenue, Lo has also had a few other wild nights on the town. According to the Post:

· At 1OAK, he sent LiLo 23 bottles of Cristal as a birthday present
· Routinely spent $50,000 to $60,000 at Pink Elephant
· Flew eight Pink Elephant waitresses to Malaysia after a wild night at Pink Elephant in Southhampton
Lo also maintains several residences at the Park Imperial for himself, his entourage and his bodyguards. But for all of this lavish living, Jho Lo has been desperate to keep his name and picture out of the press, which is why his spokesman and Avenue have pinned the money dropping on Kuwaiti Hamad Alwazzan. Don't believe it. Lo's name may not wind up on the final bill, but he is certainly the one the club owners bend over for because he is the one laying out the cash. Here's a little piece of advice for the next whale who wants to live it up in New York and not generate any press: Don't buy 50 bottles of sparkler-lit Champagne and drop a bottle of Patron on surrounding tables in one night. OK? OK.
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